Avi & Co. 5 Year Limited Warranty

This warranty covers the mechanical functions of your automatic watch including (but not limited to) running fast/slow or inexplicably stop functioning. You have a full five years from the date of purchase to send it back for servicing. This warranty applies only to watches purchased from the Avi & Co. website and do not make any representations on behalf of any watch manufacturer, the warranty Avi & Co. offers is comparable to any manufacturer’s warranty apart from where the service will be performed. Avi & Co. will perform the services at our location and employs expert watchmakers qualified to work on all major brands, whenever applicable uses only factory authorized replacement parts. Evidence of abuse above the factory specified tolerances will void this warranty. All our watches have met the manufacturer’s water resistance specifications, keeping the watch crown closed will maintain this water resistance and prevent damage to the movement. This warranty excludes any water damage due to loose and/or open crown and damage to the crystal due to regular wear. We do not offer to replace quartz watch batteries under this warranty.


All the watches we sell on this website are verified authentic and in working condition, we DO NOT sell replica watches. Watches that we have listed as "unworn" will include the original box, instruction booklet and warranty paperwork/card (unless where otherwise noted in the description). Watches we have listed as "pre-owned" have also been verified authentic with no after market parts and are in good working condition. These watches do not normally include the original box or warranty paperwork, individual listings will note what is included with the watch. In lieu of an original box Avi & Co. will provide a store watch box for listings that do not include an original box. 

Avi & Co. is NOT an authorized dealer of any of the watch brands we sell. We obtain our watches from reputable sources dealing directly with authorized dealers and distributors. The watches may come in either “unworn” or “unused” condition or they may come “previously owned”, Avi & Co. will indicate this condition on the product listing, in the absence of any condition notes the customer will assume the watch to be “previously owned”. Avi & Co. makes no representations as to the validity of any manufacturer’s warranties nor acts as representative for the customer to any watch manufacturers. Any warranties offered by Avi & Co. are done so strictly through the website using our own authorized watchmakers.